Everything that exists is a medicine if used properly.


- Tibetan proverb

Pulse Diagnosis

Your body's story echoes your spirit's story. By tapping directly into your physical being I can glean information that you might not be able to offer me verbally, including intuitive images that we can unpack together. 


I study and practice the Shen-Hammer lineage of pulse diagnosis, which offers a wealth of information about where you've come from and what you currently need. 


Acupuncture involves using fine needles to stimulate or unblock the movement of energy, chemicals, and muscle fibers.


Needles are generally retained for 20-30 minutes, and most people enjoy a meditative nap during the endorphin rush!


Massage and other hands-on modalities like Reiki enhance the effectiveness of your treatment.


I utilize a variety of techniques including deep tissue, sports massage, trigger point work, acupressure, Shiatsu, Tui Na, and cranial work.


The bodywork portion of your session may also include cupping, gua sha, or the use of essential oils. 

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is natural, safe, and effective. I may use topical herbal preparations (e.g. liniments, ointments, plasters) or recommend internal formulas in tablet, tincture, or granulated form.

I have completed extensive additional study with master herbalists, and strongly recommend using botanical medicine as an adjunct to the hands-on work I do for faster and more profound results. 


The Tarot provides a vehicle for unveiling the deep knowledge available in the subconscious. I do not use the cards to forecast anything, but rather to examine the parts of psyche that are creating reality.

Moxibustion + Smudging

Healers throughout the ages have used burning plants therapeutically. I burn mugwort for the Chinese practice of moxibustion; sage and palo santo for smudging and energetic clearing; and sometimes cedar to cleanse my space. 

Vaginal Steaming

Vaginal steaming has been used for hundreds of years to help women regulate their menstrual cycles and reproductive organs. Using customized blends of Chinese herbs, steaming can be used to treat fertility, cramps, short cycles, perimenopause symptoms, cysts, and other common concerns.

Nutrition & Supplements

Good health starts with good food!


...But what does that mean?

Let's talk about how you can make better dietary choices, and whether certain nutritional supplements might improve your overall health, mood, and vitality.

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My Methods

An Integrated Acupuncture Session offers a blend of the tools and resources I’ve cultivated over many years of practice. 


My style is gentle and collaborative, and focusing on my intuitive connection offers a valuable and compelling compass for treatment. 

The lenses of Five Element Theory and the Master Tung's Method are particularly inspirational and useful to me.

Read below for an overview of the primary tools I call on during my sessions:

Work With Me

"Courtney is a skilled, gracious, and compassionate healer. Her treatments are both soothing and impactful. I recommend her without reservation to anyone wishing to improve chronic as well as acute health conditions." - B.W.

If you are seeking support and ready for help, use the link below to book your first consultation and begin a series of treatments. 

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