"These pains you feel are messengers.
Listen to them."
- Rumi

Calm, effective, I would even say empathic care from an expert who truly understands and listens to pinpoint the solution. Cannot recommend any higher!


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Courtney has instilled in me knowledge about my body, myself and the world around me. She is intuitive, talented, and compassionate in her practice and has always looked out for my best interests in this ever-changing life.


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Medicine also comes in many forms. 


You may think of medicine as a pill, or an injection, or maybe a syrup or a tincture. But in my life some of the best medicine has been a walk on the beach, an afternoon in a bookstore, a dinner with friends, a poem. 


I think medicine is whatever helps you return to your highest self and feel connected to the world around you.

I offer the medicines of acupuncture, herbalism, therapeutic touch, and guided visualization to help people in physical or psychological pain gain an increased (or renewed!) sense of vitality and purpose.

This journey can be profoundly transformative.


Does this medicine sound like what you need? Are you ready to come home to yourself? I would love to support you on your path.

Medicine For Pain


When you think of "pain" you might first focus on physical problems. This can include:

  • Acute pain or chronic pain

  • Localized pain or systemic pain

  • Functional pain or debilitating pain 

...Acupuncture can be helpful for all of the above!

Pain comes in many forms. 

Your body is a gateway to your spirit, and physical discomfort is often a mirror for spiritual malaise. For example:

If your lower back feels sore and weak, perhaps you feel unsupported.

If your shoulders feel heavy and tense, perhaps you feel burdened.

If your digestion is sluggish, perhaps you are having trouble letting go of what no longer serves you.

If you struggle with autoimmune conditions, perhaps you are fighting yourself.

You probably already know that psychological anguish can be even more unpleasant than physical aches. Too often we feel alone, ungrounded, directionless, unloved. But what's the solution?

My Background

After losing my mother to breast cancer when I was an infant, I spent my childhood considering what it means to live a good life and how to cultivate health. I became a vegetarian at age 10; I was a three-season high school athlete; and eventually I majored in Philosophy at Bryn Mawr College.

Then I started the pre-medical track--which seemed like a perfect application of my skills and interests. 


However, I quickly realized that Western medicine is very smart but not particularly wise. Western doctors primarily utilize the tools of pharmaceutical drugs and surgery with the goal of damage control.

“When your only tool is a hammer,

everything looks like a nail.”  - Maslow


I wanted different tools, and I craved a more holistic perspective on the human condition, so in 2004 I took time off to study massage therapy in New Zealand.


During this sojourn I engaged my own healing process in new ways and discovered a variety of powerful natural health resources including acupuncture and herbal remedies.

I completed the 4-year Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, then studied in Taiwan and with an array of mentors around the States, including post-graduate programs emphasizing classical herbalism and Five Element acupuncture.


I've also studied yoga for over a decade, as well as several styles of meditation, which strongly informs my clinical practice.

I've also developed a clairvoyant practice, through years of meditation and study, and I incorporate some of this skill into my acupuncture sessions when appropriate. I also offer full hour Medical Intuition readings that focus on seeing and moving energy (no needles required!). Read more here. 


Patients describe my work as wise, effective, intuitive, and  compassionate. I would love to share my tools and resources with you in greater depth.

Tel: 415-580-2282

San Francisco

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